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Creation is near


Photo by Griff Wigley

The following article to appear in the Northfield Entertainment Guide.

Every morning, I wake up, pop my head through my sandwich board and, lifting from the knees, begin walking around town proclaiming the death of journalism as we once knew it and the coming of a mysterious savior who may or may not be me, a burgeoning writer who is working on the Representative Journalism Project in conjunction with the three bloggers of

Naturally, I’ve met with skepticism, including my own. But lately, I haven’t felt alone in my quest to discover a new way of publishing news. That’s because more and more people seem to be curious to find out if the power of the plugged-in masses could be harnessed and used to improve the flow of important information.

For example, Jaci Smith, managing editor of the Northfield News, touched upon the matter in an editorial she wrote on Dec. 5 titled “Sticking to the Plan.” In the editorial, she discussed how Victor Summa, a member of the Northfield Economic Development Authority, posted a comment on under a story I wrote about the authority’s participation in a decision to build a new municipal liquor store.

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8 a.m. Monday meet-up at Blue Monday

This is an open invitation for everyone to join Sam Friedman, a Carleton student, and me at the Goodbye Blue Monday cafe on Division Street at 8 a.m. on Monday, Jan. 26. for journalism-related discussion.

Sam suggested we form the discussion group after he attended a meeting last weekend at the Bittersweet Eatery during which a group of people talked about the Representative Journalism Project and other newsy topics. We’ll put a sign on our table to identify where we’re sitting. Hope to see you there!

Update 1/26/09 9:45 a.m. Sam and I decided this meeting would be a standing meeting for the rest of the semester, every other Monday. So come to our next meeting on Feb. 9. We had an interesting discussion today about how Carleton journalists can work more closely with Northfield residents.

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Do journalists know how to say it?

This short film shows the importance of how you say something. If citizens gain a greater role in spreading information, are we risking that the information will get out there in a less powerful way than if the story were told by a “professional?” Join in a discussion that has to do with this topic on here. (Thanks to my mom for finding this film!)


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