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MinnPost blog critic asks “What’s the best platform for bloggers?”


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Tooting my horn here: Justin Piehowski, 30, blog critic for and winner of five Regional Emmy Awards for his work as a Web Manager at KSTP-TV, asked bloggers some questions about their experiences launching blogs. Piehowski mentioned my RepJ blog and See what he wrote below in quotes:

“Bonnie Obremski uses WordPress on her new Representative Journalism Project blog. She was exposed to it while contributing to the community news site Locally Grown Northfield.”

She said she really likes the attractive templates on WordPress and has already recommended it to a family member. However, she gets very frustrated with trying to embed .html code of videos and slideshows from other sites onto her WordPress blog. The process is not smooth, she said.”

OK so not earth-shattering information coming from me there. But in case you’re interested in seeing the whole interview, which Justin and I did via e-mail (we’re facebook AND Twitter friends now!), read on.

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Creation is near


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The following article to appear in the Northfield Entertainment Guide.

Every morning, I wake up, pop my head through my sandwich board and, lifting from the knees, begin walking around town proclaiming the death of journalism as we once knew it and the coming of a mysterious savior who may or may not be me, a burgeoning writer who is working on the Representative Journalism Project in conjunction with the three bloggers of

Naturally, I’ve met with skepticism, including my own. But lately, I haven’t felt alone in my quest to discover a new way of publishing news. That’s because more and more people seem to be curious to find out if the power of the plugged-in masses could be harnessed and used to improve the flow of important information.

For example, Jaci Smith, managing editor of the Northfield News, touched upon the matter in an editorial she wrote on Dec. 5 titled “Sticking to the Plan.” In the editorial, she discussed how Victor Summa, a member of the Northfield Economic Development Authority, posted a comment on under a story I wrote about the authority’s participation in a decision to build a new municipal liquor store.

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President Obama inspires me to be a better writer


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The man on the elliptical machine beside me at Anytime Fitness stared forward into his Cardio Theater personal television screen, watching hockey. I considered saying something. But I didn’t.

Such an intrusion would be “un-American,” I reasoned, and I turned my righteous glare to my own screen to watch the presidential inauguration ceremony. I didn’t expect the broadcast would be more entertaining than my neighbor’s program. It’s just that watching the proceedings felt like performing a civic duty. (Eventually, the man tuned in, briefly).

Not long into the event coverage, I sensed that I could have performed that civic duty better.

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Facebook Fridays

An article on said a California software company has started issuing a “corporate benefit” called “Facebook Fridays.

“Owyang said Serena Software Inc. in San Mateo, Calif., encourages its employees to share information online, connect with customers, and engage in dialogue and conversation. For example, the company recently announced a new corporate benefit called “Facebook Fridays” to its 800 employees across 18 countries. Every Friday, employees are given an hour of Facebook time to connect and socialize with co-workers, customers, family and friends.”

In addition, more are using the “micro-blogging” tool Twitter.

I admit, I was slow to join the forces of facebook or Twitter, but I’m now using them to network and talk about my reporting as I go. If you’d like to be a part of the social network on Facebook I’ve made strictly for business purposes, join and search for my full name “Bonnie Teozia Obremski.” You can also look me up on Twitter. Then put “compulsive multi-tasker”on your resume.

Update 9:15 p.m. 1/20/09: I just created a group on facebook called “Friends of the Representative Journalism Project.” If you’re a fan of our efforts, show your support by joining the group!


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