About the Representative Journalism (RepJ) Project


Photo by Bonnie Obremski

For more information about the Representative Journalism (RepJ) Project in Northfield, Minn. please visit
RepJNorthfield.org, which is a linked through LocallyGrownNorthfield.org.

This Web page is a place for the people who read my news feature stories on LocallyGrown to witness and participate in the process of making those stories.


2 responses to “About the Representative Journalism (RepJ) Project

  1. Holly Cairns

    Hey Bonnie, while looking for jobs I found this one that would be cool if I were young and mobile:


    I hope you stay in Northfield a long, long time… but if you were interested in the job, there it is!


  2. bonnieandjosh

    Hi Holly! I love Northfield! I must away in May to be with my ocean-sailing captain. I wish I could take Northfield with me and everyone’s invited to come sailing.

    That job sounds very, very cool. A little far from the big pond, though. I’ll pass it among my friends! Thanks!