Agricultural Preservation vs. Industrial Development

Northfield’s citizens are trying to attract industrial developers to build upon farmland in an effort to boost the local economy, since industrial development can lead to higher tax revenue and more jobs. Still, not everyone is convinced that “paving paradise” is worth that potential boost.

The amount of agricultural land in Minnesota dropped by about 600,000 acres between 2002 and 2007, according to state census data. Is that loss something more people should care about?

That question is just one I intend to answer in my next in-depth story for the Representative Journalism Project.

I welcome my readers to help lead me to important information on this topic that will deepen all of our understanding.



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2 responses to “Agricultural Preservation vs. Industrial Development

  1. Mona Obremski

    In this economy, in whatever way the community can accomplish the creation of many secure jobs with benefits, that is the baseline for improving the standard of living. Birds and bees too of course.

    Even if some jobs are in organic recyclable fantasy toys for vegans. Creativity is at a premium.

    Algae farms?

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