How should online news look?

Today, I’m trying to come up with a way to make my news features look good. Producing well-reported news is important, but I think that information can get lost online if the information isn’t presented in a thoughtful, attractive way. My mother (boy she’s been sending me a lot of good links lately!) came across a new online magazine based in New York City and I’m interested to hear thoughts on the presentation. The online publication is called FLYP. Make sure your volume is not at full blast, the only part of the site I find annoying is the sound of flipping pages.



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4 responses to “How should online news look?

  1. Mona Obremski

    How do they produce such quality content when there is no advertising and subscription is free?

  2. kiffi summa

    OK…. this is how strange and various people are…….

    I Love the sound of the ‘flypping’ pages!

    This is the second issue I’ve looked at and they have both been extraordinary. But, oh no! I want it to be a paper, in-hand magazine…… sorry, but it’s the truth.

  3. Mona Obremski

    kiffi – I’ve read that by 2015, newspapers will give you a flexible, paper-thin, e-ink device, at no charge, because it will be cheaper than printing on paper.

    There is something about ink on paper though, I agree. A paper is more durable, more tactile, won’t crash, and will still be accessible fifteen years from now.

  4. ‘preciate the thoughts Kiffi n’ Mom. I created my own FLYP-esque article today. It’s goin’ up soon. Keep an eye out!

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