By All Means Graphics completes survey

This completed survey provides another piece of raw information that I’m excited to include in a story I’m working on.

“Rob Schanilec, owner

Name and location of business:
By All Means Graphics, 17 Bridge Square

Contact Information:

What, if any business-related organizations am I a member of?
NDDC Board of Directors
Chamber of Commerce member

I joined the NDDC Board of Directors because I believe they directly affect downtown businesses with their activities (networking, festivals, etc.), facilitate discussion/action (task forces, forums, etc.) and make a difference in the viability of downtown and the community as a whole (tax legislation, city ordinances such as downtown dining, bike racks, signage, etc.)

I joined the Chamber of Commerce because I felt it was necessary to be included in their network. I don’t like their members-only exclusivity as far as who or what they’ll support/promote and I feel their momentum oftentimes gets caught up an entrenched history. However – I think they’ve evolved in the right direction over the past couple years and am feelings more support from and for them.

Organizations and other members of the Northfield community can best help a business in the city by:
1 – using them
2 – keeping them in the loop regarding opportunities whether it’s for relevant seminars, discounted merchandise (my wall panels for instance), services that would be particularly beneficial to that business. There’s a certain amount of having to be proactive in engaging business to tap into services. It’s not enough to simply post that they are out there. There needs to be a sense of partnership – that I’ve discovered a valuable fit between this and your businesses and I’m going to help you tap it.

The national economic situation has affected my business primarily in the fact that It’s affected my customers’ businesses and so they are cutting back on using our services and they are also falling behind in keeping their payables up to date which has a significant impact on our cash flow.

The internet continues to benefit our business as a means of communication and product delivery. We’re not using it as much as we could for marketing. That’s an area that is just below the priority level that we manage to satisfy each day – being trumped by our needed to satisfy customer deadlines and needs and the infrastructure of running a business – payroll, taxes, supplies, customer service, etc.

The most effective way I promote my business is word of mouth. Being involved in the community so people know who we are. Doing quality and appreciated work so we have a reputation to back it up.”


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