PJ’s Fabric and Crafts the first to complete survey

Pam Roy, owner of PJ’s Fabric and Crafts on Professional Drive gave me the first response I’ve had so far to a business survey I distributed to about 60 Northfield businesses this week. Here is what she had to say in an email she sent to me:

What, if any, business-related organizations are you a member of?

“member of the Chamber”

If you are a member, please say why you joined, what the organization does for you and the level of satisfaction you have with that organization.

“to be an active member of the Chamber, to keep up with what is going on in Northfield, to promote my business. level of satisfaction is great I am not taking advantage of the events I should because of the time I spend here at the store, They are doing a great job I need to be able to step up”

How can organizations or other members of the Northfield community help businesses in the city?

“the obvious two are to promote the business in town, Buying locally, and I really feel Northfield does a great job of this.”

How has the national economic situation and recent advances in technology, such as the Internet, affected your business, if at all?

“economics: Yes I do feel this has played a huge part in our success or no success, the community as a whole including myself are not buying any more then what we absolutely need. We need to make sure we have groceries, gas and pay our mortgages.”

Out of all the ways you try and promote your business, what produces the most results?

“my customer base in word of mouth is the best, the sign I have out by McDonalds works really well”

Other information that could help me find out more about how Northfield could improve its businesses:

“I cannot think of anything we could do to improve our businesses.”



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2 responses to “PJ’s Fabric and Crafts the first to complete survey

  1. I’m happy Pam got back to me so quickly. But I might have to follow up with her for some more details, especially her concerns about not participating more as a member of the Chamber of Commerce.

  2. I asked Pam some follow-up questions via email and this is some additional info I have so far.

    My questions: Could you name a couple of examples of how the Chamber specifically helped you promote something or kept you up to speed with something going on in Northfield?

    You also said you wanted to “step up” more as a Chamber member, what do you mean by that?

    Pam’s answers:
    They send out emails on events the Chamber or other businesses are hosting/having
    They email when there is someone who has been using bad checks.

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