Facebook Fridays

An article on computerworld.com said a California software company has started issuing a “corporate benefit” called “Facebook Fridays.

“Owyang said Serena Software Inc. in San Mateo, Calif., encourages its employees to share information online, connect with customers, and engage in dialogue and conversation. For example, the company recently announced a new corporate benefit called “Facebook Fridays” to its 800 employees across 18 countries. Every Friday, employees are given an hour of Facebook time to connect and socialize with co-workers, customers, family and friends.”

In addition, more are using the “micro-blogging” tool Twitter.

I admit, I was slow to join the forces of facebook or Twitter, but I’m now using them to network and talk about my reporting as I go. If you’d like to be a part of the social network on Facebook I’ve made strictly for business purposes, join and search for my full name “Bonnie Teozia Obremski.” You can also look me up on Twitter. Then put “compulsive multi-tasker”on your resume.

Update 9:15 p.m. 1/20/09: I just created a group on facebook called “Friends of the Representative Journalism Project.” If you’re a fan of our efforts, show your support by joining the group!



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2 responses to “Facebook Fridays

  1. norman butler

    Teozia?? From whence did that come forth?
    Anyway, Facebook Friday is result of employees spending Mondays through Fridays logging on to Facebook at all hours of the day; an attempt to focus it on Friday for one hour..”and if you do it on any other occasion, you’re fired!”

  2. Hey Norm! Teozia is Polish, it was my dad’s mother’s name.

    Haha, I agree with your facebook Friday’s analysis!

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