Do journalists know how to say it?

This short film shows the importance of how you say something. If citizens gain a greater role in spreading information, are we risking that the information will get out there in a less powerful way than if the story were told by a “professional?” Join in a discussion that has to do with this topic on here. (Thanks to my mom for finding this film!)



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3 responses to “Do journalists know how to say it?

  1. Norm Butler (my landlord) told me he thought this little flick was cute. I told him, folks should keep sending me news and other interesting things they find on the Internet like this. I need stuff to inspire me and discussion here. You too can contribute something that appears on the RepJ Bonnie blog! 🙂

  2. Oh, and I should say that after I spoke with Norm, he sent me a link to a YouTube feature-length film he found interesting. It’s called “Apocalypse? No!” and even though I haven’t watched it yet, it appears to be fairly politically charged:

  3. norman butler

    Bonnie: I would like to follow up the DVD recommendation (“Apocalypse? No!”) with the book “Scared To Death” by Richard North et al. Read it and be amazed at our collective gullibility re everything from DDT through Asbestosis to Global Warming.

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